Episode 5 - Larry Tee - Manifest


How do we face our challenges and manifest change? How do we decide the next right step without being held back by fears? How do we break through, despite our perceived limitations, whether that is a lack of time or money or something more personal?

Larry Tee is a song writer, producer, international DJ and most recently a fashion designer and founder of the label Tzuji, which has been spotted on celebrities like Missy Elliot and Rhianna. He was one of the original Club Kids and arrived on the New York scene with his friend and collaborator, Rupaul, in the late 80s. Larry is often working behind the scenes. You might know him by the top 40-hit he co-wrote in the 90s, "Supermodel (You Better Work)."

Larry was born in Seattle and moved to Atlanta as a small child where he did most of his growing up. His first boyfriend was Michael Stipe, lead singer of REM. He was also working collaboratively on a number of television and music projects with a young and the unknown, Rupaul. Larry looks back on these early Georgia days as a time where he learned a lot about the creative process, calling it a laboratory, for his own creativity and inspiration.

In this episode, Kate talks with Larry about his creative learnings in Atlanta, coming out in the height of the AIDS epidemic, his experiences as an integral part of the New York Club Kids, and how he overcame his personal struggles, like drug and alcohol addiction. Larry shares his own sources of inspiration and gives insight on how to manifesting change and creativity at every stage in life.

Left to right: Larry Tee, Lizette, Michael West, RuPaul, Lurleen Wallis, Lahoma

Left to right: Larry Tee, Lizette, Michael West, RuPaul, Lurleen Wallis, Lahoma

Episode 4- Ally - Freedom

Ally- Episode 4

In this episode, Kate sits down with a woman she calls Ally, a former "trophy wife" who gave up everything when she realized she wasn't living her authentic life. Ally didn't want to be identified by name or expose others who were involved in this story because. . . people got hurt. This is an episode about how Ally struggled to reconcile feminism and wife/motherhood, personal freedom and security, as well as the "grass is always greener" myths surrounding romantic relationships and singledom.

Kate also discusses her own struggle with losing the independence and freedom that comes with detachment before marriage and children, as well as the pressures faced by unmarried women in their 20s and 30s and beyond. It's an episode that deals with the personal struggles we have inside and outside our relationships, and how to evolve in an authentic way when we are bound to interpersonal commitments.  

This is an episode for anyone who is in a committed relationship who reminisces about what life used to be like before marriage, or children, or falling in love… who sometimes pines for freedom and independence, the joy of being completely untethered. And, it is for anyone who is single who thinks that maybe their life isn’t quite complete yet because they are still looking for their life partner, a better half. 

It’s about the myths and stories we tell ourselves about the other side. It’s about the before and after, the looking back, and the looking ahead. It’s also about freedom and security and the many ways we have to choose one over the other.

And these are choices we make, over and over and over….

Episode 3 - Sam Clayton - Homecoming


If you were looking at my friend Sam, you would see that he kind of glows. He’s handsome with blonde, streaky grey surfer hair, wide, kind eyes and a well-trimmed, hipster beard. Even though we both grew up in Seattle, Sam and I met in Berlin in 2012 after we were introduced by some mutual friends. Friends who I met in Istanbul, and he met in Saigon. It was worlds colliding and we immediately had a special bond. Sam and I have suffered with many of the same struggles—depression, addictions, and that same sense of wanderlust that drove us away from the U.S. but also made us long for a kind of homecoming, both spiritual, and literal.

As I came to know Sam, I learned more about his upbringing in the Mormon Church and his experience as one of the first openly gay students to graduate from Brigham Young University. This is a conversation I had with Sam about his crossroads with the Mormon Church and the life he’s built since he graduated from BYU nearly 20 years ago. 

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You can read more about Sam on his blog Carnivals of Affection




Episode 2- Susie Kahlich- Superpowers


Susie Kahlich has always been brassy, even back to her early years in Chicago and punk rock days in 1980s New York. In this episode, we sit down and talk about the impact of sexual assault, the night she was brutally attacked in L.A. and her life’s work teaching self-defense to women.

We did this interview before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, before the #metoo campaign went viral. At the time, not even two months ago, it did feel like no one was talking about all the forms of harassment and assault that don’t involve penetration or rape that doesn’t involve a stranger or violence, but is still, just as painful, just as unwanted.  And we all know that it has everything to do with power. Even the conversation felt so cutting, and yet beneath the surface, both of us simmering with this feeling, this anger and agitation and fear and rage about what we knew had happened to us, what had happened to others, and this consuming, feeling that there was so much to say, so much unsaid.

This episode is about sexual violence, the body’s natural self-defense system, and Susie’s ability to translate a violent experience into one of self-love and transformation. 

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Episode 1 - Kate Leismer- Reckoning

I consider myself an expat, but I hate the term. It implies a kind of break up and severance, and though it is that, it was never meant to be intentional or permanent. Five years ago I was traveling around the world as a freelance writer. I wrote from Australia, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, and eventually Europe. I spent about two years homeless by choice, living out of my car in the U.S. and then abroad after I called off my engagement. Some of my friends still call me the runaway bride.  Five years before that, I was working as an attorney in Manhattan before I quit, and got escorted out of my office at 30 Rock. And about five years before that, I was wearing an orange jumpsuit, handcuffed to a bench in a holding cell somewhere outside of Seattle. In one of my few remaining boxes that have moved around with me, I still have a copy of the mugshot.

I’ve had more than a few turn arounds in my life, and, that’s what this podcast is going to be about. How do we get where we’re going and what does it all mean anyway?

As a way to tell my story, I recorded a conversation I had with my friend Sam, who you’ll get to know in a later episode. We talked about the concept for my show, but also the story that got me here. 

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Teaser Episode

About Face is an interview and storytelling podcast featuring guests who have gone through a major turning point, a shift, a decision, or event that made them who they are today.

Have you gone through an experience that changed the course of your life? Do you remember that exact day, that moment, when some decision or event completely changed who you are today?  This is a podcast about the people left their home countries, took a risk, walked out on a marriage, or made a very big decision, to stay exactly where they were. Some people have had major change forced upon them, like infidelity or death, that caused them to move on in a different direction.

This is a podcast about turning points, but more, what we do with them and who we become. It’s about our challenges and courage, and our will to evolve. These are stories about who we were and who we are now.


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